The Allways Slide remains permanently on the bed. The upper layer is comfortable quilted cotton with polyester fibre fill which will not adversely impact a pressure mattress. This may be covered with a normal or waterproof sheet, a kylie or other incontinence aids.

The Allways Slide incorporates layers of low friction and non slip materials that provide ease of sliding and stability and handles for effortless use either manually or in conjunction with a patient lifter.

Shown above, the top quilted layer is folded back revealing the low friction fitted sheet on the bed and the non-slip area exposed (above left) or covered with the low friction curtain (above right)

The non slip area is limited to an area under the torso leaving freedom of movement for upper body and lower body to reduce shear. When the nonslip is exposed with a person’s weight upon it, the Allways Slide is stable. The low friction curtain can easily be slid up and down using the comfortable roped handles to cover or uncover the nonslip area for ease of sliding or stability. Handles are conveniently located on either side to enable the care giver to easily move the client up or down the bed by relocating their own body weight or move the client across the bed with gentle pressure on hip & shoulders.

The Allways Slide is able to be used in conjunction with a floor or ceiling patient lifter; simply hook the carry bar through the handles on one side to turn the client on their side. Using a hoist, particularly a ceiling lifter on the opposite side to a care giver can facilitate safe use by one person with no effort.

Models available – Allways Slide AW210140, All Ways Slide King single underlay AW210140K,

All Ways Slide/King single/ Reinforced AW210140KB