Comfort Recline Spacer


The Lift Assist Comfort Recline Sling is only available in Spacer fabric which has superior stretch and breathing properties enabling it to be left in place under the person. Other types of fabric increase the risk of skin breakdown if left underneath the person for long periods of time. The Comfort Recline sling can only be applied while the person is supine, it is mainly used for supine to seated transfers, remains in place for long periods, then transfer from seated back to supine.

  • Each sling is size/colour co-ordinated on the binding, handles and straps. Refer the chart above. The slings are approved for a SWL of up to 250kg for XXS to L and to 363 kg for XL to XXL
  • Made with Spacer Fabric – which is a knitted polyester with an internal air gap, Multi-directional stretching, pressure redistributing, washable and can be left behind patient.
  • Available with or without head support
  • Spacer fabric also available in Hammock style with webbing loops and Universal Head Support with clips for Pivot carry bars
  • Machine Washable

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