One Way Slides

One Way Slides are designed to easily assist in the correct positioning of a person in the back of a chair and to prevent them slipping forward. The sliding surfaces use a combination of low friction and strips of easy sliding one way materials. For the outer fabric select a non slip cover for use on slippery surfaces (essential) or for regular fabric surfaces:  select a velvet cover with a light fill for added comfort, but only for use on fabric surfaces where its fibres can grip.

Our One Way Slide models include:

Lite Velvet O3743VO – a single layer One Way Slide for use to help position a person on pressure cushions if they do not have severe decubitus problems (shown left).

Lite Velvet– on our swivel cushion as our Twist Assist® to help on entering or leaving vehicles.


One Way Slide Tube

Continuous loops that can be used on open or closed back chairs. Available in regular or bariatric sizes, for wheelchairs, for lounge or recliner tilt chairs, for tub or fall out chairs. For Velvet and Non Slip

Sizing and codes

Small 37 x 43 cm Nonslip O3743NT

Med   44 x 45 cm Nonslip O4445NT

Large 45 x 50 cm Nonslip O4550NT

Bariatric Nonslip:- 50 x 60 cm O5060NT,

                              55 x 70 cm O5570NT;

                              55 x 80 cm O5580NT

Nonslip Cover- use any surface, but essential for use on slippery surfaces.

Velour padded –sizing and code

           Small – 37 x 43 – O3743VT  

          Regular – 44 x 45 – O4445VT

Velour Cover- use for woven surfaces only

Examples of use of One Way Slide Tube

Large- one way slide tube in use (non-slip)

One way slide tube in recliners

One Way Slide Long Single Layer

Non-slip can be folded with their handle placed through the back of an open back chair, allowing the carer to use their strong leg muscles to easily position the person at the back of the chair or wheelchair.

Long single layer -sizing and code

Velour 130 x 40 cm 013040VT

Non-slip 130 x 40 cm 013040NT

STEP 1- Place the folded Long Single Layer on the open back chair with foot loop hanging down the back.

  STEP 2 –Carer uses a foot in the loop to slide the person into back of the chair