The TwistAssist® makes it easy to enter or leave a car as a passenger or a driver. Its soft cushions remain comfortable to sit upon for even the longest of journeys. The non-slip base keeps the cushions in place; they will mould to the shape of a bucket seat and still swivel easily.

A person entering or leaving a car may also be assisted by using a Handibar® inserted into the U-bolt on the car door. Gripping the handle provides extra support during the transfer.

To swivel onto a bed, sit on the TwistAssist®, raising legs swivel onto the bed. Lie flat. Remove the TwistAssist®, with a log roll. Reverse procedure to swivel off.  Washable at 40°C or brush lightly or wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use chlorine or fabric softeners.

twistassist, with one way slide

twist-assist 3 colours

Available in 3 colours charcoal, blue, and green. Also available in fleece.