Universal Sling


The Universal Sling can be used in a divided leg or closed leg position for transfers to or from a bed, wheelchair, the floor or even a toilet or commode, thanks to its commode aperture. With its high quality, enduring design and smart combination of form and function, its wide-ranging features make the Universal Sling appropriate to nearly all sling applications.

This sling is available in:


Mesh/Poly with Taped Head support


Polyslip with Head support


Spacer with Taped Head Support


See attached sizing chart.

Universal Sling in Mesh/Poly


  • Known as the “quick fit sling” for its ease of application
  • Multi-purpose sling that also provides toileting access
  • Easy to use for most transfers
  • Comfortable design
  • Color-coded loops to accommodate various seating positions, positioning markers and guide handles to ensure correct handling during transfers
  • Long leg straps and a large opening make the sling easy to apply, even in tight fitting wheelchairs
  • Durable construction and available in a variety of materials: mesh/poly and mesh/poly with taped head support, polyslip and polyslip with head support, spacer and spacer with taped head support and disposable
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 1000 lbs (453 kg)
  • Sizes XS – XXL
  • For use with ceiling or floor lifts

Universal Sling in Spacer Material